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As a young Man I began My training as a Warrior and Thief. Whenever My Father could pull Me away from the women I was sizing up, I was working hard to learn how to use the basic weapons a Warrior should use. The short bow, gladius, and dagger. Over time I began to become proficient in such weapons, and sharpened My keen eye for female slaves. Today I stand before you, a Slaver, a Warrior, and a Thief, to tell My story.

It goes like this.....
Life and Times of Breaker the Slaver
As a young boy he began his training as a Warrior. Learning the basic weapons a Warrior must know, the sword, the spear, and the short bow. A charming young man [Cha: 15] with a keen eye for beautiful women. A Slaver of Dataan who turned in his whip and manacles to pursue a bit of adventuring and to see what "products" could be found in other lands. Along with a few friends an a caravan he set out for the Isle of Cyros, hoping to book passage on a ship from the mainland. Several days from the shore they were fallen upon by raiders, leaving all in the party slain and most of the goods damaged. He set out on foot, carrying what he could, and eventually made it to the port City from which he was to depart. The travel by sea was long and he spent many hours with his green face over the rails of the ship. The day he set foot on the docks of the Isle he swore to never leave land again.

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